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Needs Assessment

Our clients use needs assessments to better understand the “gaps” between current conditions and desired conditions, and to address the needs of their constituents. This type of people-focused research summarizes the needs and priorities of stakeholders, so that organizations and institutions can effectively set priorities and implement strategies that meet specific, real world demands.

Program Evaluation

Springline works with a diverse array of public and non-profit organizations to design and implement program evaluations. These projects help our partners answer questions such as, “Is this program or intervention working?” (formative evaluation) and “Did this program achieve its goals?” (summative evaluation).  

Economic & Workforce Development

We have extensive experience analyzing critical economic and workforce issues for state, regional, and local economies. Much of our work in this area is conducted in the context of regional economic and workforce strategies that provide actionable data based on key measures that contribute to a robust economy. 

Economic & Fiscal Impact Analysis

We use economic impact analysis to estimate the how an existing business, organization, event, or new investment contributes to state and regional economies.  This includes analyzing the economic effects of large one-time capital investments and construction projects, events, or new policy initiatives, as well as the effects of on-going year-to-year operations.

Springline Research Group is a multidisciplinary applied research firm specializing in projects that contribute to economic development, workforce development, public health, and community-building.

Technical Assistance & Analytical Support

Springline collects, analyzes, and interprets information to help organizations build capacity and improve performance. Whether it is primary data specific to institutions or organizations, original data collected from surveys and stakeholder interviews, or secondary data describing socioeconomic conditions, we can help your organization build capacity.


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